Transitioning from Employee to Entrepreneur

Transitioning from Employee to Entrepreneur is very easy 😊

After completing my Biotech Engineering, I dreamed to start an Entrepreneurship journey in 3 easy steps process:

👉 Pick one idea
👉 Make a plan and strategy
👉 Execute the process & make money

But it’s been 3.5 years, still, I am struggling to take my Entrepreneur journey to next level and work full time for my business. 😉

In these 3.5 years, I tried my hand in 2 investments and 2 online start-ups & failed in all of them.

But this failure helped me to get

✔ Deep clarity on my sense of purpose

✔ Finding my Passion & Niche

✔ Learning Skills

✔ Shifting my Employe to Entrepreneur Mindset

Deep Pandey

One an only advice I have for those people who are transitioning phase from Employee to Entrepreneur 👇

“Believe in yourself and your idea and make sure it should be relevant to your core values, never ever consider your business as side income but nurture it as your own baby by feeding good food in terms of a lot of values, effort & consistency.” 🏆

✔ Don’t think how much time it will take to reach your destination but think about the process which transforms you into the best version of yourself.

I love to know your experience & perspective on this. ✍

Deep Pandey



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Deep Pandey

Deep Pandey


Growth Mindset Catalyst | Digital Entrepreneur | Founder of Think Extra-Ordinary Academy