Role Of Self-Confidence Into Your Success Journey

Have you have ever lost opportunity due to a lack of Self-Confidence?

After completing my Engineering, I have rejected in my first 20 job interviews then I experience nobody cares how much knowledge you have if you are not confident in your presentation, job interviews, business meetings etc.

What is Self-Confidence: “Having the right balance of tenacity, poise, boldness, & knowledge is the recipe for a Confident Personality”.

How many of you disagree with the below statement 👇

Confident people make more money, have better relationships, & enjoy more personal & professional success than unconfident people.

I am sure 99% of people agree with that Right?

Unfortunately, a lot of people struggle with a lack of confidence.

After facing many failures, reading books & consulting mentors, I found that confidence is a skill that can be learned.

Research confirms that people prefer confidence over expertise, & I can say from personal experience that this is true. With confidence, you can find where you need to improve more.

When I see those people who’ve good knowledge and expertise in their field but do not know how to project themself confidently.

I ask them to build confidence so that they can present themselves with confidence. You will amaze to know more than 90 % of people have the approx the same answer, “it will come automatically, I don’t have time to put extra effort & money to invest in myself”

What do you think of their answer?

You can’t sit back & wait for confidence to come knocking at your door. You have to chase & practice the skills that can transform your personality & belief-System.

Attributes of Confident Personality

Confident people ready to accept challenging things because they believe that every challenge has a hidden opportunity. This is an attribute of having a Growth Mindset, which means they believe they can constantly grow & the best thing which I love the most they measure that by your effort, not your results.

Proven Tips to Build Concrete Confidence:

Start Your Day with Some positivity: Morning Rituals

This is my experience when we start our day with something positive activity the whole day we feel confident and purposeful. I start my day at 5:30 AM (since Dec 2018), I am mentioning below activity in order -

  1. Guided Meditation for 5 to 10 mins
  2. Daily Goal writing in my personal diary (I recommend to all write daily goal by using a paper pen )
  3. I do affirmation
  4. Reading books for 30 mins
  5. I overview the whole day priority task list

Note: Do not use the Mobile phone 1 hour prior to going to bed & after 1 hour of waking up

Deep Pandey

Work On Communication & Body Language:

If you are not a good Speaker, try to speak slowly, it will help you communicate more effectively. It allows you to take the time to connect your emotions, thoughts and perceptions to what you want to say.

“We should speak in such a way that people love to listen and we should listen in such a way that people love to speak with you”

Try to Stretch Beyond Your Comfort Zone Daily

Comfort zone kills your success journey. The more you leave your comfort zone & the more closure you come to Success with confidence. Make a habit to stretch yourself so you can get comfortable with being uncomfortable. You may have a few failures, but that’s OK. Failing is the beginning of success.

There more you exert yourself the more confident you’ll be in everything you do, even if it is something you have never done before. Embrace discomfort to help yourself grow.

Positive Thought Strategies: Growth Mindset

  • Avoid exaggeration, be AUTHENTIC
  • Practice ignoring NEGATIVE thoughts as soon as they come up.
  • Train your mind to FOCUS on the positive things.
  • Accept your FLAWS and imperfections with grace.
  • Never criticize others, try to use encourage thoughts and words.
  • Don’t try to HOLD those things which you cannot control.
  • Take accountability for your FORTUNES & Misfortunes, Never Blame others
  • Be kind to yourself.
  • Focus more on what you’re good at, rather than what you’re not.
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Deep Pandey

Deep Pandey


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