Never Afraid of Criticism or Bullying: Passion Journey

Still, I remember that in 2018 when I started to write blog & article to share my own perspective & knowledge.

A few of my colleagues & relative make jokes about me.

At starting I was trying to explain, why I am doing but I found that the more I explained to them, the more they enjoyed it.

I started to ignore them & engaged with growth mindset people who share genuine feedback.

After a year of my consistent journey as a blogger, those people who were laughing at me & criticizing me…Asked me for tips 👇

👉 Tell me any tips to improve email writing skill, communications or suggest to me your favourite book which can help me on this.

Then I realised, those people who criticize or bullying you. One day they will praise you if you are consistent on your passion journey. ✅

👉Be Consistent
👉Listen to your gut feeling
👉Protect yourself from the negative mindset of people.
👉Review your growth by changing the not working plan but never change the Goal.



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Deep Pandey

Deep Pandey


Growth Mindset Catalyst | Digital Entrepreneur | Founder of Think Extra-Ordinary Academy