How to Live Focused & Goal Oriented Life: 4 Golden Rules

At the end of the day, you can’t control the results; you can only control your effort level and your focus.

Deep Kumaar Pandey
3 min readSep 11, 2022

The major reason to be off track in life is nothing else but only YOU.

We are living life in very fast mode everything we want fast, right?

But when things come to learning and growing in life, you don't take forward steps you procrastinate.

As we can access anything with ONE CLICK.

Reels — Instagram, YouTube, Facebook etc

Porn — Major addiction of teenager

Movies- Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, etc

Mobile Notifications- Chat

You will amaze to know that as per the agency survey, the majority of people can't focus on one task for more than 5 mins because they want to multitask.

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So Your First competition is Nobody else but YOU ONLY.

4 Rules To Make Things Done

Deep Pandey

#1 Block Distractions:

When you decide to do any task, try to focus on that particular task to deliver quality work.

Always set a few criteria to block distractions

  1. Keep away the Mobile: The biggest distraction.
  2. Always set deadline time (as per your potential and task)
  3. Never try to do things multitask
  4. Commit to yourself until you finish that task you will not start any other task/entertainment/rest.

#2 Stop Overthinking

We all want to do the best quality task, which means PERFECT work and because of perfection thinking they never complete the task or in case you complete you don't feel confident in your work.

So don't try to be the perfect guy!

Always try to pre-prepare work and when you start working give your best that it.

After finishing the task, proofread or reevaluate the work to make that better.

And mark “FINISHED

When you make it perfect by over-analysis you will be stuck and start losing confidence.

There is a syndrome called ‘paralysis by analysis.

#3 Stick To Plan

Often people start working on the project/Passion/Task but don’t complete it. You have experienced in your life the same.


Because you forget that when you make a plan to execute the idea is tentative, not permanent.

Making a plan is based on thinking about pre-assumed facts so there is a chance of getting more obstacles than expected earlier.

Always take time to make a plan and do a lot of brainstorming but once you are done with it. Stick for at least 45 to 90 days.

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#4 Take Massive Action

Good habits are always to support to achieve your Goal, but keep in mind that it only supports you.

Waking early in the morning is good for your health that supports your physical health.

Reading books support Mental health and knowledge.

But all habits and things are potential energy that cannot help you to manifest your Goal.

So what helps to achieve the Goal?

Your right Action in the right Direction.

Suppose you want to be a Social media Influencer so you have to learn many skills by practising & experimenting with lots of things, not by learning only.


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