Entrepreneurship Vs Employment: Which One Is the Best?

I’ve changed my first 3 jobs within 2 years time period & it was happened not because of salary issues but feeling unfulfilled & like a slave.

Those people who enjoy their jobs (corporate, BPO, KPO jobs etc ) literally I would like to congratulate because a per survey, more than 80 % of Americans & more than 85 % Indians are not satisfied with their jobs.

I never understand if people are not satisfied then why they waste their more than 60% of their life by the spending of doing things which they don’t like.

The excuse may be — Responsibility and Necessities?

Really just think about your surrounding do you find any person who has LESS 👇 than you.

👉 Degree (Education)
👉 Intelligent
👉 Smart
👉 Resourceful
👉 Fortunate & less in skill sets

BUT making more than you earn & happy what he/she does.

Do you what make him/her separate from the crowd — Courage to take RISK & Growth Mindset.

Nothing can be the last option, there is always a way but you need to come out from your conform zone & find the way to build a mindset to start to do what you love to do.

It may take months & years but you will be rewarded one day. 🏆

Please share your perspective on this, I would love to know your views.



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Deep Pandey

Deep Pandey


Growth Mindset Catalyst | Digital Entrepreneur | Founder of Think Extra-Ordinary Academy